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FleetMaster Control System

FleetMaster- is a unique transport control system that fully automates and facilitates the transport company's work related to order management, route planning, vehicle control, and etc.

FleetMaster functionality:
  • full integration of transport and accounting programs;
  • PTV (truck) maps are used for route planning;
  • a huge database, including: gas stations, parking lots, car wash, car service, customs, etc.;
  • automatic updates on fuel prices in real time;
  • full view of the planned route and navigation on the driver's tablet;
  • full access to SMS messages and correspondence in once place;
  • assessment of paid roads, dangerous stretches, restrictions on lorries and traffic jams;
  • projections of the number of visits in relation to the driving mode;
  • interactive vehicle monitoring;
  • remote capturing of tachograph DDD files.
Drivers receive clearly formulated orders directly to the tablet placed in a truck. By using tablets drivers can download and send out all necessary documents (CMR, invoices, photos and others) directly to the management office.

For customers we can offer:
  • the ability to place an order;
  • ability to monitor orders and their execution;
  • automatic receipt of reports (“updates”).